Karl-Christian Geleff

2002 — Ongoing

Ret & Vrang
Knitting Circle

Multiple Locations, Denmark, Stockpot, Liverpool

Circle knitting , “a communal activity”.


Twenty 15mm x 1-metre circular knitting needles

Members of Manchester knitting group: Knit & Stitch, Cast Off

Any material which is suitable for knitting with large knitting needles: Paper, Plastic, Cotton, Wool, etc.

A large room in a circular shape if possible.


Organising members of local knitting groups, students, and any other person with an interest in taking part in a group project to knit a tube in a range of materials. Each knitting needle is cast on with 100 – 150 stitches.

Each person knits with two needles. As each needle is double-ended the knitting gets joined together by a change of knitters, in this case twenty.

All the materials used for the project will be placed in the middle of the circle.

This project will only work with all needles working at once, putting important emphasis on the group activity. It is also important that there is a group of spare people to change when some of the knitters get tired and need a rest.