Karl-Christian Geleff

1998 — Ongoing

Ret & Vrang
Steelwool Performance

Odense (Denmark), Bluecoat Gallery (Liverpool), Stockport, London


Front and back of the flow of life. There are always opposites in the flow of life. When one is one side, the other side becomes invisible and vice versa. In a way it is the invisible I experiment with in my work, something that exists on different planes. An important part of my work procedure is the physical contact with the material, where the creative force comes to its full potential by means of performance where the invisible becomes visible (the making). It all comes alive in the process of working with over-sized knitting needles, and the use of steel wool spun on a hand spindle speaks for itself. Using a traditional work process normally seen as a feminine activity but performed by a man, bring the masculine/feminine in as opposites.

Ret & Vrang is an ongoing performance which changes each time the work is performed. As the knitting grows the history of each performance becomes a memory, the whole knitting become a blanket of life.

At the moment the knitting is a square 1.5m x 1.5m, in time to come the work will grow to a size out of proportions with all memory hidden in the blanket of life.